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If an incident involves an immediate threat to life or property, call 911.

Otherwise, refer to the Safety & Security resources.

Refer to the information and resources regarding Alcohol on Campus.

No. One is not required to accept a summons and complaint, notice of claim, subpoena for personal appearance, or other court papers on behalf of ASU or someone else who works at ASU. Furthermore, one is not required to provide any additional information about the individuals being served.

However, if any of these documents are received in the mail, or if one inadvertently accepts such documents from a process server, that person or department should contact OGC immediately. Delays in responding to such documents could have severe legal consequences for individuals and/or the university.

Furthermore, a subpoena for records from ASU (subpoena duces tecum) must be personally served upon the appropriate custodian of records for the type of records being sought (e.g., Office of Human Resources for personnel records; University Registrar Services for student records). The appropriate custodian of records should accept service of the subpoena duces tecum and consult with the Office of General Counsel as necessary.

Refer to the Contracts information, and more specifically, Contract Signature Authority, which includes a list of the President's Delegations.

Raising concerns about safety and/or non-compliance with laws, regulations, and policies applicable to ASU is a service to the university and to the community.

Areas of compliance include, but are not limited to:

  • personal safety
  • financial transactions
  • contractual agreements
  • IT system and network security
  • NCAA rules
  • environmental health and safety
  • research administration
  • equal opportunity.

For more related information and guidance on best practices, refer to:

To report such concerns anonymously, visit the ASU Hotline.

Yes. If students are required to participate in field trips, events, or other activities (or even if participation is voluntary), each student must sign a release and/or waiver. Contact ASU's Risk Management to determine if this is necessary, and if so, Risk Management will provide a release/waiver specific to the program/event.

Also, refer to the State Insurance Coverage information.

Review the Student Academic Integrity Policy, which defines academic integrity and provides guidelines for evaluating this type of concern.