University & State Required Provisions for Contracts

General Information

There are certain State and University Required Provisions that, with very few exceptions, must be included in every contract ASU enters into. Also referred to as Supplemental Terms and Conditions, the provisions are available from Office of General Counsel.

These provisions may be included directly into the agreement, or may be incorporated by reference by attaching a copy of the Provisions to the agreement, and adding a paragraph in the agreement that reads: "The State of Arizona and Arizona State University Provisions attached as Exhibit X are incorporated by reference."

For an explanation of the source and use of these provisions, refer to the information below.


If you encounter any problems or questions with regard to the provisions, please contact OGC.

State of Arizona Revised Statutes and ABOR Policy

Links to the State statutes and procedures cited in the State of Arizona Provisions can be found below. The statutes can be printed from the link if a copy of the statute or procedure is requested.

How to Apply the University and State Required Provisions

  • Every contract must include from Supplemental Terms and Conditions:
  • #1 - "Nondiscrimination"
  • #2 - "Conflict of Interest"
  • #3 - "Arbitration"
  • #5 - "Records" and
  • #6 - "Failure of Legislature to Appropriate."

In addition to the above:

All procurement contracts and contracts in which ASU pays for goods or services should include from Supplemental Terms and Conditions:

  • #4 -   "Dispute Resolution"
  • #9 -   "Indemnification and Liability Limitations"
  • #10 - "Indemnification by Entity"
  • #15 - "Authorized Presence Requirements"
  • #17 - "Intellectual Property Ownership"
  • #20 - "Information Security," and
  • Exhibit A - "Insurance Requirements."

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