Mission of OGC

The Office of General Counsel (OGC) fosters the dynamic educational environment of Arizona State University in support of its mission as The New American University. Our goals are to provide, manage and coordinate quality legal services for the university; minimize legal risks and costs; reduce litigation; and ensure legal compliance and do so efficiently, reliably and professionally.

OGC performs the following services for ASU:

  1. Analyzes and advises ASU personnel on the legal implications of policy and other decisions under applicable law, regulations, and policies.
  2. Represents ASU in litigation matters, administrative proceedings, and significant transactions.
  3. Engages in various activities to prevent legal claims against ASU.
  4. Conducts and participates in a number of training sessions and department specific presentations on selected legal topics.

The majority of the content on the OGC Web site is intended for general, informational purposes only.

Questions? Contact OGC.